September 10, 2018

Behind the Scenes: The Sustainable Farming Practice of Veritas Farms

Sustainable hemp farming at Veritas Farms

Farming is never just about making money – or even a product

Over time, we’ve learned that small actions can have huge consequences.

As sentient beings, we have the opportunity to influence some of those consequences. How a company responds to that responsibility is the basis of “conscious capitalism.”

Conscious capitalism is an apt reflection of our mindset at Veritas | Farms.

Everything we do has an impact on the economy, our customers, and the environment. For us, quality means finding a balance between the earth, our crop, and creating products that contribute to humanity.

Quality is a direct result of care. That’s why our founders, Edrius Sanabra and Alexander Salgado, recruit farmers with strong family values, and an intrinsic commitment to excellence.

The best full-spectrum hemp oil comes from the best soil

The wonderfully lonely foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains have endowed our farm with the perfect conditions for growing high-quality cannabis.

Just like nurturing a fine wine, exploiting the soil – and genetics of the cannabis plant – requires an artistic merger of passion and science.

Science tells us what plants need, passion drives us to deliver, sustainably.

Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and non-organic fertilizers can disrupt the intricate balance of acidity and nutrients in the soil. Our natural farming methods help ensure the land retains its unique characteristics for generations of harvests.

Veritas | Farms’ high standards demand meticulous, environmentally safe practices, and state-of-the-art technology such as no-till farming and organic fertilizers.

Of course, without water, soil rapidly turns to dust. Modern drip irrigation methods give our plants the exact amount of hydration they need to thrive – no more, no less, and no waste.

140-acres of sustainable farming and innovation

Veritas | Farms can grow more than 200,000 cannabis plants outdoors. Indoors, our climate-controlled greenhouses provide 13,000 square feet of growing space.

This high level of control and volume is connected to unique and valuable benefits.

Evolution through human selection

After thousands of years of agriculture, it wasn’t until 1856 – the same decade Charles Darwin was cultivating his famous theory of natural selection – that Gregor Mendel began unlocking the secrets of genetic variation. The mechanics behind Mendel’s observations allow hemp farmers to select plants for specific traits.

The high-yield capacity of Veritas | Farms lends itself to the cultivation of cannabis strains specialized for specific uses.

Refining our genetics makes the extraction process more efficient and effective. Efficiency and effectiveness mean lower prices and improved wellness for our customers.

It’s all about the ratio

One of the most riveting aspects of hemp cultivation is how the different cannabinoids – and ratios of those compounds – can affect the human body. If you’d like to learn more about cannabinoids, we encourage you to read our blog, “Phytocannabinoid Oil: A Different Type of Grow.”