Full Spectrum CBD Products

All Natural - 100% Made in Colorado - 3rd Party Lab Tested

At Veritas Farms, our full spectrum cbd products are of the highest potency, grown right from our farm in Colorado. 

Because we control the entire process, each product sets the standard in quality and freshness.

Liquid form drops that are taken sublingually. Assorted flavors and strengths that provide support and balance.

Our large full spectrum tincture is a perfect match for a frequent user of our full spectrum hemp oil.

Our once-daily CBD capsules provide ongoing support for balance and support, similar to our tinctures.

In our continued support, we have developed a CDC recommended Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer. Like all of our products, our hand sanitizer is mindfully-crafted and includes ingredients that will keep hands germ free while retaining moisture and skin health!

Our custom emulsification of hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba seed oil, and apricot kernel oil provides multi-layered moisture which hydrates and absorbs quickly.

With two forms of advanced peptides, our unique night cream boosts immunity and jumpstarts the skin’s stress-fighting mechanisms.

Enhanced with cucumber extract, our 3-in-1 CBD Cucumber Eye Cream formula contains Vitamins A and E, and Neem extract to help your skin appear more youthful. 

A clear, wholesome complexion with this robust blend of blemish-fighting and skin-rejuvenating ingredients that help purify and fight swelling and irritation of the skin.

Our CBD infused Gummies are favorable to restoring calm and balance for a healthy lifestyle.

Our topical salve contains non-GMO, full spectrum hemp oil extracted from the flowers and buds of 100% Colorado grown hemp.

This soothing lotion contains full spectrum hemp extract and ultra-moisturizing shea butter, as well as organic jojoba-seed oil, grapeseed oil, and aloe.

Our CBD lip balm is full of beneficial hemp cannabinoids comprised from advanced extraction techniques to provide a smooth and moisturizing experience.

Select your favorite Veritas Farms flavor and scent below. All four products are included in the Full Spectrum kit.

For an ultra-calming experience, add our Full Spectrum CBD massage oil to your relaxation routine after a long day.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Sports Cream was formulated by compound pharmacists for athletes and active lifestyles.

Treat yourself to softer skin  with our Full-Spectrum 500 mg Minted Lavender Lotion – now in a 2 oz. tube!

Provide your pooch some relief with our Full Spectrum Dog Hot Spot Oil. Designed to relieve and soothe raw patches that are commonly found on your dog’s skin.

Our Dog Paw Rescue provides total paw protection that moisturizes and soothes your dog’s paws. Also, it’s completely safe for our furry friends if licked!

Our Dog Ear Cleaning Solution is designed to gently clean your dog’s ears without doing any damage to the inner ear or ear canal.

Provide your furry friends with all the care, relief, and relaxation they deserve with our Full Spectrum Total Dog Care Kit that includes all pet topicals and our best selling, doggy favorite, Bacon Pet tincture.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Skin & Allergy Chews are formulated with EPA & DHA to help support your dog’s skin health & address seasonal allergies.
Your furry family will be begging you for a taste of Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Calming Chews! Formulated with Chamomile and Valerian Root, these chews will help keep your pet calm during thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling and those stressful environments they sometimes face.
Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Joint Care Chews will have your pet leaping for joy! Our unique blend of ingredients, including Glucosamine & Chondroitin, are formulated to support your four-legged family members’ joint health.

Our pet tinctures offers all the benefits of our CBD tincture for humans — but designed for your four-legged companions.

Your day-to-day Zen just got an upgrade! Meet the new Zen Roller.

Our Travel size gummies are the perfect treat to restore balance wherever you go.

This unique collection is infused with Full Spectrum CBD Oil cultivated under the pure air of the Rocky Mountains.

We’ve combined our most calming products to give you the peace of mind you deserve during overwhelming and stressful moments.

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