July 29, 2018

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and Homeopathy: Are They a Perfect Match?

The belief behind homeopathy is that the body can cure itself without invasive treatments.

The FDA doesn’t review homeopathic remedies for their effectiveness. However, such products fall under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and must meet misbranding and adulteration standards.

So, is full-spectrum hemp oil homeopathic?

Oils derived from cannabis and hemp seeds are considered plant material. Of course, being plant-based doesn’t necessarily make it homeopathic.

Homeopathic remedies have been used to treat allergies, migraines, depression, fatigue, arthritis, and other non-infections maladies for centuries.

Other applications include toothaches, headaches, nausea, and skin scrapes, and while it’s not a treat-all, full-spectrum hemp oil has certainly been used in homeopathic applications.

Full-spectrum hemp oil as a homeopathic remedy

Homeopathic doctors, or “homeopaths,” may recommend full-spectrum hemp oil for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Skin care: Applying full-spectrum hemp oil to the skin moisturizes, and cleanses. Such application is thought to minimize the effects of eczema and acne. The anti-inflammatory effects of full-spectrum hemp oil may also soothe itchy, swollen skin.
  • Immune system support: Some homeopaths believe full-spectrum hemp oil helps to regulate the immune system. Regulation suppresses immune hyperactivity associated with allergies and other autoimmune disorders.
  • Chronic pain: Full-spectrum hemp oil is often rubbed onto sore muscles and joints to relieve pain. It can also be taken orally by those suffering from severe pain. The analgesic properties are thought to be the result of the cannabinoids ability to disrupt pain receptors and promote the release of serotonin and dopamine – the neurotransmitters associated with happiness and satisfaction.
  • Anxiety: For some people, full-spectrum hemp oil may reduce stress and anxiety because of the “feel good” neurotransmitter release referenced above.
  • Heart health: Full-spectrum hemp oil may play a role in vasorelaxation of the heart’s arteries – a reduction in the tension in the blood vessel walls. It’s thought to be especially helpful in protecting the hearts of those with high blood sugar.
  • Nausea relief: Cannabis products have been used for decades – possibly centuries – to treat nausea caused by a variety of conditions. Full-spectrum hemp oil is non-psychoactive and is still be capable of engaging auto-receptors that produce anti-nausea effects.

hemp oil homeopathy

Full-spectrum hemp oil research is only in its infancy

Because of the legal sensitivities surrounding cannabis, it’s only been in recent years that full-spectrum hemp oil has been properly researched on a broader scale. With so much political chaos surrounding this topic, meticulous science is essential to cutting through the biases. Whether it’s examining the benefits, or fully exploiting the fruits of each strain, a perfectionistic approach is essential.

With an eye on perfection, the goal of our scientists and homeopathic experts at Veritas Farms is discovery. To learn more about our process, we encourage you to visit our webpage, “From Plant to Pure High Phytocannabinoid Oils.”